Your Grace is Strong Enough


Grace came down to seek and save
The lost were found and the dead were raised
Grace rang out, the nations came
In honour of the King

And when they gather
I will be there
And this will be my song:

Your grace is strong enough
Your arms are wide enough
Let the sinner call your name
We are lost without your grace
Your love is deep enough
Finding every one of us
Every nation stand and say:
All our hope is in your grace!

Grace so strong it burst the walls
The heart of God reaching out to all
Grace so loud it must be told
The hope of all the earth

A new day coming
Dawn will arise
The world will see your light

Your grace is strong enough…

The King is coming
Jesus, our Lord
And every knee will bow
And when I see him
This I will say:
Your love is better than life!

Your grace is strong enough…

© 2018 Michael Morrow