This is the Word of God


This is the word of God
This is the truth you have believed
This is the word the prophets searched
To see God’s plan fulfilled
This is the Spirit’s voice
Not from the will of Man
And though all Men will fall
We know the word of God will stand

This is our only hope
Redeemed with Jesus’ precious blood
Saved from the empty way of life
Through faith and hope in God
And since you call on him
Who judges all the earth
Live your lives in reverent fear
Remembering your redeemer’s worth

This is the word of God
That even angels long to read
They wonder at the work of Christ
To meet our greatest need
And though we cannot see
And trials test our faith
Our God will be our joy
And our belief will be his praise

We have been born again
Through Jesus rising from the dead
We know that our inheritance
Won’t perish, spoil or fade
This is our living hope
The mercy of the Lord
Who by his power will shield
All those who hold him to his word

© 2000 Michael Morrow