More Than Enough


Whom have I besides you Lord?
You are heaven’s joy
I’ve tasted of your faithful love
It’s left me wanting more
Morning follows evening
Like an answer follows prayer
Like a father who would give his all
For a child that’s in his care

You’ve given me more than enough
You’ve given me all that I need
Out of your generous heart
Coming from heaven to me
And I will be a faithful servant
Of a faithful God
And you will be more than enough for me

Rising when the morning comes
Lord you give me breath
Every day you fill my lungs
And I am in your debt
Lord, you are my Shepherd
And you guide me in your way
If I keep my eyes upon your face
I will never be afraid

You’ve given me more than enough…

Evening comes, I lay me down
With nothing in my hands
I see the times where I have failed
And end where I began
Lord, you are my portion
And how good it is to know
That your love is running after me
It will never let me go

You’ve given me more than enough…

© Michael Morrow & Liv Chapman