Light of the World


Before the sun was given fire
And the moon was given grace,
Before the earth was flung in orbit
And stars were set ablaze,
Before it all began
There was the Word,
Stepped into his own creation,
Full of grace!

The Word became flesh,
A light in the dark,
The glorious Son
Made his dwelling with us
And the power of darkness could not overcome
Cause he is the light
Jesus the light of the world

The Son of God became a man
And the world was filled with light.
He healed the sick, he raised the dead,
And the blind he gave their sight.
Who can deny that all he said was good?
God has come and lived among us,
Full of grace!

The Word became flesh…

Where do you find the love of God
In a world that’s lost its way?
Where do you find eternal life
In the shadow of the grave?
There is a light for all the world to see
God has come,
And hope is with us,
Amazing grace!

The Word became flesh…

© 2016 Rohit Trivedi & Michael Morrow