If I Have Fled to Jesus


If I have fled to Jesus,
Found refuge in his care.
What enemy can breach these walls
And turn my joy to fear?
Has he not promised good to me?
Will then his promise fail?
Will he prove absent-minded
And my enemy prevail?

If all things hold together
In Jesus Christ, the Son,
Sustained by his almighty word
That cannot be undone,
If even sparrows catch his eye
Why should I doubt my place?
Why should I stop to question
If he holds me in his grace?

If God appoints his blessing
To fall on rebel ground,
His sun to shine and rain to fall
Where thanks are never found,
If even my ungrateful heart
He sought and reconciled
Why doubt he will embrace me
Now that he has called me ‘child’?

If Jesus’ blood is precious
God’s treasured, only Son
Yet God allowed that blood to flow
Till all his wrath was done,
If on the cross I see such love
How can I be unsure?
What else could he be planning
But to love forevermore?

© 2014 Michael Morrow